20 30 40 50 mm Natural round stone quartz sphere Amethyst rose white quartz crystal obsidian citrine stone sphere ball Decor

3 Amethyst 35-40mm
2 Amethyst 25-30mm
1 Amethyst 15-20mm
19Amethyst 45-50mm
18Amethyst 35-40mm
17Amethyst 25-30mm
16Amethyst 15-20mm
15 crystal 45-50mm
14 crystal 35-40mm
13 crystal 25-30mm
12 crystal 15-20mm
9rose quartz 25-30mm
8rose quartz 15-20mm
7aventurine 35-40mm
6aventurine 25-30mm
5aventurine 15-20mm
4 Amethyst 45-50mm
29 Citrine 35-40mm
28 Citrine 25-30mm
27 Citrine 15-20mm
26 tiger eye 45-50mm
25 tiger eye 35-40mm
24 tiger eye 25-30mm
23 obsidian 45-50mm
22 obsidian 35-40mm
21 obsidian 25-30mm
20 obsidian 15-20mm
Item Diameter

Size: see chart below; sizes will vary slightly--That's nature!

Item Weight:  Between 20-180grms

material 1: amethyst
material 2: aventurine
material 3: rose quartz
material 4: crystal
material 5: obsidian
material 6: tiger eye
material 7: citrine
color 1: purple
color 2: green
color 3: pink
color 4: white
color 5: black
color 6: yellow

What a perfect gift to your friend or to yourself.  Either use pedestals or add a collection to a glass or wooden bowl on your coffee table and notice your guests must pick them up to play!

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